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Bubble Machine

The Bubble Master 2000

The Bubble Master 2000 is the Rolls Royce of bubble machines, projecting bubbles over a 10 metre range. The unit is a durable and lightweight chassis, which can be easily transported and set up. Bubble Master 2000 has a 5 litre fluid capacity, which ensures an array of bubbles for your event.

Bubble size and output can be controlled via the variable speed control. The timer control allows you to have bursts of bubbles at time intervals suitable to your event.

Two fluids are available:

  • Range 1: Fluid produces more bubbles, longer lasting and has less residue.

  • Range 2: Fluid produces slightly fewer bubbles with a shorter life span and an increased residue compared to Range 1.


The Bubble Bank Machine

The Bubble Bank Machine creates a myriad of funky bubbles that stream upwards and outwards to about two metres, over a distance of up to six metres, forming clouds and bubbles.

Excellent for large venues such as stage applications and dance parties.

The Bubble Bank Machine is equipped with a 500ml self-feeding bubble juice bottle which providing 60-90 minutes of continuous bubbles. It operates on 240V so can be plugged into a normal power point.


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