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Inflatable Dancers

Inflatable Dancers

The Inflatable Dancer range of products offer instant impact through movement and colour for indoor or outdoor promotions.

Fly Tubes
The human eye is attracted to movement making Fly Tubes the ideal display medium for capturing attention. Perfect as a directional or meeting point as they are designed to ‘dance’ through the air.

The Fly Tubes are available in solid or imprinted colour Polymex Tubes which fly up to 60ft to 70ft in wind free conditions.

A more durable version in reusable fabric is available which will fly 20ft to 25ft. Each tube requires one EFX Fan System.


Hoopla Multi Tube Display

The Hoopla provides an excellent centrepiece for that really unusual display. Hoopla introduces movement via six small Fly Tubes that attract instant attention!


Perform Air Inflatable Figures

The inflatable figures move around and dance while waving their arms and head – their legs bend and attract plenty of attention!

Each figure is 20ft to 25ft and is made from a highly durable fabric designed for years of use. Two EFX Fan Systems are required for use.









                         Tuxedo Man



Air Puppets

The Air Puppets offer similar movement and animation to the Perform Air Inflatable Figures but only require one EFX Fan System.

Party Dancers

The Party Dancer is a double legged figure offering total movement and animation at a height of just over 2 metres. Ideal for Trade Shows, Showrooms or Stages. Requires only one EFX Fan System. Height restrictions apply.