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Streamer Cannons

Hand Held Cannons 

These simple to operate, manually-fired cannons deliver an impressive effect for a surprisingly low cost. It can propel tissue and metallic confetti approx. 25 35ft into the air and streamers approx. 5060 ft. 

1 inch hand held cannon 

2 inch hand held cannon 

Powered by a threaded CO2 cartridges. 1 diameter cannon and 2 diameter units are available.


Big Shot Footage

Big Shots 

This remote fired cannon system is a double barrel device electrically activated thus minimising your need for personnel. This system has more power, allowing you to shoot more product over a greater distance. The distance or throw can be regulated or adjusted per unit based upon the amount of pressure used which will permit you to customise to fit your venue needs. A variety of sizes and shapes of tissue can be utilised with this system. Each Big Shot Unit is capable of launching up to 24,000 pieces of tissue.

   Big Shots - Front and Side                                                       


Big Blaster 

Continuous flow units can blast confetti 65 75 ft into the air (capable of 2 kg per second for approx. 40 seconds). Wide range of confetti shapes can sizes can be used. Great for large venues: amphitheaters, stadiums, arenas, etc. Requires two CO2 cylinders.



Big Blaster Footage



Mini Blaster

Half the size and the weight of the Big Blaster. Perfect for small to medium venues: theatres, clubs, auditoriums, TV studios, ballrooms, etc. Blasts confetti 30 40 ft. Powered by a single CO2 cylinder.

  Mini Blaster ops footage.


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